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Halto 2 Pack The Halterneck Strap Cushion

Halto 2 Pack The Halterneck Strap Cushion

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Halto simply stops neck pain caused by halter neck swimwear, just by sliding onto any tie-strap halter neck bikini. If you, like millions of other fabulous women you suffer with pain when wearing a halterneck bikini, then this will solve your problem.

The clever dual-layer design means that the weight of your marvellous lady-bumps is redistributed on the back of your neck, so you can wear your halter neck for hours without feeling that all too familiar ache.

In addition, our tried-and-tested cushioning layer guarantees that you will not only look amazing, but feel it too. And you can lay back and relax knowing that Halto is waterproof, reusable and fits almost all halter necks.

Includes 1 black and 1 white

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